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What the State Doesn’t Learn: The Ugly Case of Forest Rights in Rajasthan

Viren Lobo The recent nationwide protest against the judgement delivered by Supreme Court on the implementation of the law related to people of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes reflects the sentiment of the affected groups and communities that the States lack willingness for the effective implementation of laws and provisions in true letter and spirit.

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Corporates at centre stage in forest management, not community

Viren Lobo The Draft Forest Policy put out for comments on 14th March 2018, invites comments from all stakeholders till 14th April 2018. This draft does not refer to the earlier draft prepared through due consultation with civil society by IIFM which has been removed. The draft quotes as its predecessor the 1988 Forest Policy.…

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Draft Forest Policy – A road map to capture rather than preserve the forests

Viren Lobo The draft Forest policy 2018 flatters to deceive, while acknowledging the increase in Forest cover as a result of protection promoted by the Forest Policy 1988 and the inputs given in the context of the need for an ecological perspective, it systematically sidelines the data and analysis that has helped achieved this result…

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