Unnao and Kathua: Lessons for the correction of historical injustice?

Viren Lobo

In the face of the furore on the recent rape cases in Unnao and Kathua, the Prime Minister was forced to intervene to assure the country that law would indeed take its own course. There is still a long road for this. The wide gulf between the theory and practise of the role of man in protecting the honour and dignity of women, bring home the fact that patriarchy once a ‘tool’ to ‘protect women’ is now being used for just the opposite: preventing the cowardly from being brought to book for their dastardly acts. Man who once prided himself on his wisdom and strength is now gone into hiding to protect himself from the wrath of the women of this country.

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Gold politics: Hallmark pays criminally for assembly election campaign

By Subash Mohapatra

BHUBANESWAR: It is pleasure for him to spend money on foreign tours and luxurious parties with foreign girls abroad. But for his election campaign, he has not spent a single rupee. For him, city based jeweler Hallmark came forward to pay election expenses during his unsuccessful Odisha general assembly election. Its hallmark of new ledership in Coastal Odisha !  Keep Reading

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