Who is culprit behind the Godesses Mahalaxmi’s missing crown ?

By Sabyasachi Amitav

Some mysteries can never be solved. Well, I am not talking of murder or burglary mysteries but the mystery of things disappearing from their place in our most auspicious place like Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri.

Where is the crown of Godesses Mahalaxmi, its a Million dollar question for person like me and each and everyone who has a strong emotional attachment and faith with Puri Jagannath Temple.

While reports about the missing crown of Godesses Mahalaxmi at Jagannath Temple hogged the headlines for past two days, discrepancies pertaining to the ownership of the deities’ ornaments have come to the fore.

Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) Chief, Pradeep Kumar Jena already dismissed claims that the crown was with the SJTA.

”Among all small temples within the Temple complex, Mahalaxmi Temple is the only shrine which is not under complete control of SJTA. Maa Mahalaxmi’s Kiriti (crown) has not been handed over to the Temple Administration,” Pradeep Jena said.

“The gold crown of Goddess has not been handed over to the temple administration. The safety and security of the gold crown lies in the hands of the servitors on duty at the Lakshmi temple,” SJTA chief Jena added.

A tug-of-war has also ensued among servitors and the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration over the issue.

The servitors claimed that a small portion of the crown was broken during the Nabakalebar festival and was reused after some repairs. However, as some defects were again detected, the crown was removed.

Things to be noted here, The Jagannath temple, which is one of the high risk shrines in the country, is guarded by about fifty police personnel, including some armed ones, on any given day.

As per reports, earlier also Miscreants had stolen the gold crown of Goddess Mahalaxmi from the Jagannath temple in 1984. Again, the idols of Lord Madanmohan and Lord Narayan were burgled from the temple’s Dakhina Ghara in 2000. At that time Police had then arrested some persons and managed to recover only the idol of Lord Madanmohan.

But now interesting is even as over a 72 hours has passed, there is no word on the FIR that was to be registered, for allegedly found missing of Gold crown of Goddesses Mahalaxmi.

On Thursday, a group of devotees spotted the crown missing from Goddess Mahalaxmi’s forehead and inquired about the matter. The matter snowballed, with a group of servitors and representatives of the temple administration, passing on the buck on each, other over the issue.