Justice Quddusi frequently visits KIIT, gets high price gifts

NEW DELHI/BHUBANESWAR: It has shocked all in judiciary. The arrest of Justice Quddusi revealed his crimes and criminal nexus with vested interest groups. He was busy with quid pro quo and has used his high position for his private gain and greed.

The source confirmed he was a frequent visitor to Achyuta Samant led Kalinga group of institutions on several occasions and has quid pro quo. He has received silver momentous and awards for his undue favor for several litigations in different cases.

His son Raghat Quddusi’s love.com film was shooting in different places of KIIT and Kalinga group of institutions.

Source closes to Odisha High Court with condition of anonymity confirmed Headlines Everyday and narrated his pity story that he was asked to collect high price gifts from Achyuta Samanta on behalf of Justice Quddusi.

Reacting to Headlines Everyday, noted RTI activist Pradip Pradhan said, ‘the allegation is serious. I have been questioning illegality of Samanta since years’.

Achyuta Samanta’s unholy links must be investigated, he dded.

During Quddusi’s time in Odisha, several cases against Achyut Samanta led Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology was dismissed. At the same time, many writ petitions from Achyuta led organizations are allowed which has raised millions of questions.

Srikanta Pakal, a RTI activist demanded the review of all the judgements declared during Qudussi’s time  in Achyuta Samanta related matters. He added, ‘transparency is key to justice. After arrest of Justice Quddusi by CBI on graft charges, his verdicts now are suspected’.

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