Fake philanthropist illegally confines 25000 indigenous children in Odisha, Where is the State?

They are children of first people. They were living with parents. An education mafia brought them to Odisha’s capital Bhubaneswar to mainstream and to education with free shelter and food. But the mafia keeps them illegally confined. The indigenous children continue to be the victims of torture, inhuman degrading treatment and denial of adequate standard of living. They are fed poha and chini (beaten rice and sugar) every day. They starve 12 hours everyday for many years. They are forced to live in untidy, stinky and unhygienic rooms. Many of them are suffering from tuberculosis. Many attempt escape, but failed. 

This is the hard fact about the gory fate of 25318 indigenous children who are illegally confined in a home run by a tall claimed philanthropist, Achyut Samant. The Naveen Patnaik government turns the blind eye.

We decided to provide you the “direct content” from inquiry by a Bench of Judicial magistrate of First Class, the Child Welfare Committee.

Achyut Samanta led Kalinga Institute of Social Science runs without any registration under Juvenile Justice Act for years, and twenty-five thousand indigenous children continue to suffer, and why Naveen Patnaik is silent about it?

We have no answer. Do you have?

Please read the inquiry report by a Bench of Judicial Magistrate of First Class.

Dr. Subash Mohapatra
Editor-in-Chief, Headlines Everyday

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