Pak hackers wage Cyber War against India, deface NGT website

By Subash Mohapatra

exclusiveBHUBANESWAR: Pak cyber crime group has started cyber war against India. The website of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has been targeted by a hacker D4RK 4NG31 today.

The highest green authority’s website is defaced. The hackers claimed as D4RK 4NG31 and declared a cyber war against India.

The hackers left a message and claimed they are unbeatable. The defaced website reads, “we are unbeatable.

The hackers also criticised the Modi’s surgical strike and termed as violation of ceasefire. The hacker also raised issue of killing of innocent people.

It reads, “You mother fuckers kill innocent people in Kashmir and Call your self defenders or your country.
You little bitches violate the cease fire on border and call it “Surgical Strikes”. Now kiss the burn of Cyber War”.

Headlines Everyday tried to contact the NGT authorities, but contact could not be established.

Earlier, the website of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), which Legally India reported yesterday to have been granted a budget of Rs 6 crore ($1.1m), has also been targeted by a hacker, who has left a warning to the site warning of IT security.

The hacker had inserted the following text on the tribunal’s Contact Us page:


Sorry admin, I not evil , i just warned..

Your security is low !! patch your site !!

In April 2012 the Delhi High Court Bar Association site was defaced by Paksitani hackers.