Its Naveen Raj: His officer grabs tube well, refuses water to poor in Kalahandi

By Subash Mohapatra

BHUBANESWAR: Its Naveen Raj. Deprivation, denial and discriminating against the poor of Odisha’s poverty infamous Kalahandi remain a fate line. Please don’t expect any exception. His officer can curtail every rights of citizen, and no action is expected.

The recent incident of Dana Majhi’s deprivation has brought Kalahandi into international headlines. Dana, a tribal man in Odisha walked nearly 10 kilometres with his daughter, carrying his wife’s body on his shoulder after he was denied a mortuary van from a government hospital.

The poor are not only deprived of government schemes and programmes, but they are also denied their basic rights in the district.

While the callousness of state government was not enough, the government officials have allegedly started grabbing lands of tribals. They even deny drinking water to the tribals from various sources.

The instance of Ramnagar Pada under Bhawanipatna municipality can be taken as an instance.

The members of Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) are allegedly denied water from public water facility as an upper caste employee of Odisha government encroached a tube well, which was installed to provide safe drinking water to the residents of the area. Mahesh Mishra, a low rank officer rules Bhawanipatna Municipality.

According to locals, the government officer has fitted an electric water pump with the tube well for his personal gain. He allegedly denied other to access water from the tube well.

Ironically, the tube well was constructed from public money to provide safe drinking water in the area.

Meanwhile, a FIR has been filed with the Bhawanipatna town police against the government official for grabbing the land and installing an electric motor, which denied access to the local people of Ramnagar Pada to drinking water.

It also exposes the nexus of police and civic authority as police doesnt taken any action. In the instant case, police did not take action.

Safe drinking water has always been a concern for the people in the locality.

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