Raveena Tondon’s election magic lands BJD fresh trouble

By Subash Mohapatra

exclusiveBHUBANESWAR: Bollywood actress Raveena Tondon’s election magic in Odisha exposed use of  unaccounted and tainted money in last assembly election held in 2014.

Concealment and contradictory statement submitted to Election Commission of India regarding money spent for crowd puller cine stars brought ruling BJD fresh trouble.

The  Investigation conducted by Headlines Everyday revealed BJD used accounted tainted money to win election held in year 2014.

Crowd pulling strategy, which had worked for Biju Janata Dal for gaining 117 seats out of 147, of Biju Janata Dal was successful, but the expense for crowd pulling may cost more than the unaccounted money spent on the crowd puller cine stars.

Anandpur MLA Mayadhar Jena’s affidavit, which submitted to Election Commission of India in May 2014, on election account brings million questions to his party Biju Janata Dal and its supremo Naveen Patnaik.

Bollywood star Raveena Tondon campaigned for Maydhar Jena in Odisha’s Anandpur assembly constituency.

Mayadhar as a Biju Janata Dal candidate was contesting against the congress heavy weight and former PCC president Jaidev Jena.

As per mandatory requirement under the Representation of the Peoples Act-195, Mayadhar has submitted an abstract statement of Election Expenses to the ECI on affidavit that he has incurred a total amount of Rs.10,90,084/- for his election held in May 2014.

He further submitted that out of total Rs. 10,90,084/, he used Rs. 3,53,528/- from his own fund for the election campaign and the rest amount as a lump sum amount received from Biju Janata Dal and Lump sum amount received from any person/ company/ firm/ associations / body of persons etc. as loan, gift or donation etc Rs.1,76,555/- and 5,60,000/- respectively.

Biju Janata Dal (BJD), in compliance with the direction of the Election Commission of India for filing of election expenses in prescribed format, has not disclosed that it has paid Rs. 1,76,555/- to its candidate for 22- Anandpur Assembly Constituency, which is mandatory under the law that political parties are required to furnish information on total lump sum payment to Candidate(s) of the party or other candidate(s) if, any authorized/incurred by State/Distt./Local Units, either in cash or by instruments like-cheque/DD/PO/RT6S/Fund Transfer etc. lf State/ Distt./Local Units makes payments (s) to candidate(s) on more than one occasion then date wise details are to be mentioned.

Contrary to his own affidavit and party’s expenditure statement, Mayadhar Jena said in affidavit on 11 June 2014 that his party spent on his election expenses  Rs.1,69,594/- towards transport-Helicoptor/aircraft/boat/vehicle etc. charge for self, celebrity or star campaigner.

Rs. 2,13,733/- spent on Star Campaigner Anubhav Mohanty, Sidhant Mohapatra and Mahesweta Ray respectively. He concealed the expense made for Bollywood actress Raveena Tondon.

Biju Janata Dal also spent on him Rs.19,833/- towards chirucuts and booth seal expenses. The said expenditure does not reflect on BJD’s submission to ECI and the fact is contrary to BJD election expenditure.

Contrary to his own statement in the same affidavit, Mayadhar said he used Rs. 2,80,000/- from his own fund. He also stated that he has received “NIL” from party which is contrary and misleading to his previous statement.

He has stated that he has received Rs.5,60,000/- as donation, and all in cash above 20,000/- except Rs.10,000/- from one Surendra Jena. He has not submitted information in the manner as it is prescribed by the Election Commission of India.

There are some names, most of which are unreadable, available, but no addresses are given, reads affidavit. It is mandatory that the name and address of the donor is to be furnished in affidavit.

Raveena Tondon, a Bollywood Actresses, had campaigned for him in several places in his constituency and asked vote for Mayadhar Jena and BJD.

Mayadhar Jena concealed the said facts in his election expenses and submitted contradictory statements of election accounts and confusing figures to the Election Commission.

He successfully contested from Anandpur Constituency to Odisha Legislative Assembly.

‘Concealment of election account expenditure is amount to violation of section 77  and 78 of RP Act, which attracts 10A of RP Act, which prescribe disqualification of elected post’, said Rabi Narayan Mohanty, a Senior lawyer.

Source revealed, a complaint with Election Commission of India is filed seeking disqualification of Mr. Jena.

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