IFS Officer Rajiv Kumar threatened to kill me: Odia Actress

By Subash Mohaptara

BHUBANESWAR: An Odia actress has leveled serious allegation against IFS officer Rajiv Kumar in a deposition made to the Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate of Bhubaneswar city claiming that she has been threatened for her life after she was repeatedly raped over the last one year.

exclusiveIFS Officer Rajiv, now better known for his alleged involvement in the casting couch episode with an aspiring actress, is in more trouble now as www.headlineseveryday.com is in exclusive possession of the complaint filed by the actress Rekha Misra (Name Changed) and the subsequent deposition of a witness Sailesh Kumar Dash in the case. Dash is the neighbour of the actress.

Rekha in her complaint has leveled serious allegations on the IFS Officer Rajiv Kumar. She has alleged that during a shooting of a film in early 2005, Rajiv came in contact with the actress and he himself introduced himself as a producer in the film industry and not as an IFS officer who invested in films. He told Rekha that he will offer a chance to her in films which he is producing and will pay Rs 2 Lakh as her fees for the film named: “I Love Bhubaneswar”.

Rekha further alleged that while she was working for E-TV and was at Khandagiri, the accused also came to the shooting spot and met her.

Rajiv Kumar is Member Secretary, State Pollution Control Board, Bhubaneswar and a senior bureaucrat in the state. But off late Rajiv has shown his interest in film and in ‘filmwallas’. He has been a financer for several Odia films and sources within the film industry say that he is a regular visitor to the shooting sites taking out time from his ‘busy schedule’ as a ‘responsible’ government officer.

In the case of Rekha Misra (name changed) Rajiv has been following her at her shooting venues and even her rented apartment for more than a year.

Rekha claims that on 15th October 2016, Rajiv came to her rented apartment at around 7.30 pm and assured her to give her many more chances in future. Rekha alleged that he outraged her modesty and forcibly kept physical relations with her and co-habited against her will.

According to the documents available, Rekha alleged that on 10.1.2016, Rajiv came to her residence at 6.30 pm and forced himself upon her. When she resisted, Rajiv tried to show his clout and this time introduced himself as a government officer at Odisha Pollution Control Board, Bhubaneswar.

Sources in the Odiya film industry claim that this is the first time that a senior bureaucrat has been caught in a casting couch episode. Moreover, Rajiv has also financed a film in which BJD Rajya Sabha member Dilip Tirkey- a hockey player-turned politician-turned actor has debuted. The film named     “Tor Mor Kotha Heba Chup Chap”.  So Dilip Tirkey too, knew Rajiv and as an actor received remuneration from the bureaucrat turned film buff.

Earlier www.headlineseveryday.com reported said IFS officer financed the Tirkey’s Debut film

Rekha, finding no respite and feeling cheated as she was never being approached for any film role since her relationship with the IFS Officer, Rekha requested Rajiv on 15th January 2016 when he came again to her house, to give her a chance in his upcoming film as he has promised earlier. In return, Rekha alleges that Rajiv immediately turned verbally violent and hurled abuses to her.

Rajiv did not stop there. He threatened Rekha of dire consequences and even risk to her life if she ever approaches him again for roles in films.

Rekha says when she lost everything; both her modesty and aspirations of being an actress, she feeling cheated contacted her neighbours and told them everything. Rekha also alleges that she went to the Police Station for lodging an FIR against Rajiv, but no action was taken by the police station hence she approached the court.

As of now, Rajiv has not been taken to task or even a clarification has been sought by the BJD government regarding allegations of his involvement in the casting couch episode as to how a senior bureaucrat’s name is in the air regarding his conduct. Moreover, Rajiv too, has not come out with his statement publicly. As a senior bureaucrat, he should have come up with a statement from his side with his clarifications.

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